The goal of Mobile Game List (MGL) is to offer consumers a broad selection of quality mobile games at a fair price. In today’s marketplace access to mobile games is largely limited to content selected and distributed by operator portals or so-called B2C companies.
    MGL aims to provide a by-pass of the middle-men adding no tangible value to the mobile game area, such as content-providers and the B2C companies and make it possible for the developers to provide games direct to the consumers. This will eventually lead to an increase in revenue share for the developers,
    give them control over their own creations and of course benefit the consumer with a lower price or even free, or “try-and-buy” games.
    MGL envisions a new distribution channel offering a broad range of downloadable mobile content, provided directly by the developers and supported by a simple and flexible payment system – a viable alternative market platform for both mobile game developers and consumers across the globe. [...]

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Mobile Game List
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